Wednesday, 17 September 2014

MRSA (st398) can infect through food

More from Denmark. 

A government that allows the arrest of journalists reporting a health scandal, despite the ruling of their Ombudsman, is not to be trusted to give accurate information on the same scandal.

There is no doubt that handling pigs or pork or even the packaging can transfer the MRSA.

It is not proved beyond doubt that eating pork can cause an infection, but it does seem very likely.

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September 17, 2014

MRSA can infect through food

It is misleading when the authorities state that the management ofMRSA-infected meat can not be infected, experts say.

17:09:14 | 08:53 |  Jacob Hove

When SSI, Food Administration and the National Board of Health in their guidelines require that handling meat with MRSA is not transmitted through food handling, so it is misleading.

It says more experts to Radio24syv.

Professor and Consultant at Odense University Jørn Kolmos says:

- Regulatory announcements that MRSA is not transmitted through meat,
does not hold water.

- I think that the Agriculture and Food in the degree has painted himself into a corner and made it all the time by saying that there is something there. They should have as much biological knowledge that they can figure out that we obviously will look infection through
meat, says Frank Aarestrup, professor at DTU.

Four infected

Recently, it was revealed that four persons without any contact with live animals have been infected with the bacterium apparently after cooking infected meat...