Friday, 26 September 2014

Danish Government excludes top Swine MRSA scientists from investigation.

The quotes come from "The Engineer" Denmark's top publication in its field, actually science, not just engineering.

Elsewhere in Denmark the row is vitriolic. These are mainstream scientists being excluded and the Danish state is deliberately smearing their supporters with blatant fabrications.

This is little doubt in my mind that the Danish Government has been in a panic and faking it up over recent months, once swine MRSA became a very obvious and serious public health problem, that they did not know how to handle.

They are obviously following the example set by Britain's corrupt agricultural ministry Maff-Defra and its doubtful veterinarians over recent decades.

We should demand, and expect, Britain to lead in ethics, not drag the rest of the world down to the lowest level, in a wave of state veterinary crime.

Anyway, corrupt state veterinarians, anywhere, have become a major cause of human illness. They have to be removed from positions of power and influence.

As always, read the whole article here, realising that it offers a mechanical translation from the Danish.

(Some of the Danish protesters have taken to publishing in their excellent English too. They are to be commended! We are grateful.)

DTU researchers excluded from the mapping of routes of transmission of
porcine MRSA

A new survey of the modes of transmission of porcine MRSA will take place without some of the country's leading researchers in the field."We have been critical and will be sorted out," says Professor DTU.

By Maria Behrendt September 26, 2014 at. 05:03

A political launched mapping of pig bacterium MRSA's modes of transmission will take place without the participation of the National Food Institute, otherwise houses some of the country's leading researchers in resistant bacteria.

It's shocking Professor Hans Jørn Kolmos from the University: "These are the scientists who designed the whole picture of MRSA problem," he said.

The survey, commissioned by the Food Minister Dan Jørgensen (S) and Health Minister Nick Hækkerup (S), comes in the wake of a massive media coverage, which has revealed that the number of Danes infected with pig-MRSA increases, while our knowledge of how bacteria spread is negligible...

...Hans Jørn Kolmos is no doubt that researchers from DTU is excluded for political reasons:

"It is a result of the researchers at the National Food Institute has been critical of the authorities' action against pig MRSA."

One of the discussions which have recently been conducted in the media about whether the pig-MRSA can be transmitted from meat to humans. Statens Serum Institut (SSI) recently reported four cases of MRSA infection that could be linked to meat from foreign poultry, and
TVSouth has collaborated with just the National Food Institute published a study showing that the bacterium is found in every fifth package pork in Danish supermarkets.

While researchers at the National Food Institute maintains that meat is a likely source of infection, which should be taken in a survey, rejects Food Administration, however, that it should be the case...

...In a reply to the engineer call Board pig MRSA a 'human-animal problem', and therefore it is the National Veterinary Institute and SSI, will be responsible for the research, which will run over the next two to three years...