Friday, 5 September 2014

Denmark - MRSA cc398 in mink.

A slightly confused report, from an unusual source, but obviously MRSA cc398 has spread far and wide in Denmark, presumably from the pig industry.

Full report is here. It is, of course, a mechanical translation.

DTU: We do not know a bell on MRSA in mink

September 4, 2014

"We know that MRSA is present in mink, but we do not know a bell on the scale. We would like to have considered. " 

So says specialist and veterinarian at the National Veterinary Institute Mariann Chriél who last year sought funding for a study of the prevalence of the resistant bacteria MRSA CC398, called pig MRSA in mink...

Did MRSA in two samples

According to Mariann Chriél it is necessary to examine the prevalence of MRSA in mink.

"There is an assumption that MRSA in mink is a problem, but we do not know, so that's why we need to know the extent," she says.

All she currently knows for sure is that DTU last fall found MRSA in two isolates from mink, which were submitted by veterinarians as part of the general resistance surveillance that DTU make.

"But we can not conclude anything on the basis of," she says. In the autumn of last year, it also emerged that since 2009 has registered 25 cases where people have been infected with MRSA bacteria from mink farms. 15 of the cases came from North Jutland - probably because the authorities here have made a more thorough check.There are over 15 million mink in Denmark. 

The largest part of the Danish mink productiontakes place in Jutland: 41.3 percent in Region Midtjylland and 30.4 percent in North Jutland...