Saturday, 13 September 2014

How Superbugs Hitch a Ride From Hog Farms Into Your Community

A nice article from Tom Philpott in Mother Jones.

Nothing really spectacularly new, but pulling together recent American research and helping making knowledge of the dangers accessible, also publicising results very much along the same lines as the Danes.

From the point of view of Britain, her veterinary establishment are looking ever more wrong, arrogant, devious, isolated and secretive.

They will be feeling the pressure.

However, we should be understanding that, whoever was at fault, they are also the people, with their families, pig workers. local residents and the sick, most endangered by MRSA st398 and other Livestock Associated MRSA.

We desperately need an open and humble admission of the real situation in the UK from the government veterinarians

Many years too late, we have to start protecting the hospitals.

You can read the whole article here.

How Superbugs Hitch a Ride From Hog Farms Into Your Community

-By Tom Philpott

| Sat Sep. 13, 2014 6:00 AM EDT

Factory-scale farms don't just house hundreds of genetically similar animals in tight quarters over vast cesspools collecting their waste.

They also house a variety of bacteria that live within those unfortunate beasts' guts... 

...Antibiotic-resistant bacteria leave these facilities in two main  ways. The obvious one is meat: As Food and Drug Administration data show, the pork chops, chicken parts, and ground beef you find on supermarket shelves routinely carry resistant bacteria strains. But
there's another, more subtle way: through the people who work on these operations...

(Followed by summaries if three recent studies in the USA.)