Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sweden Highly Critical of Danish Pig Production

This is Denmark's oldest newspaper, rescued by a consortium including one of the world's great shipowners, sold to the Norwegians and all now under British ownership. So, the journalists know their subject.

The report, in full, explains in disturbing detail the background to some of the strange statistics coming from the pig industry in Denmark, Britain and elsewhere.

This is the last subject Britain's hypocritical veterinary establishment wanted explored.

That's tough, it is going to get an airing.

This is part of the scandal of the century - sick pigs spreading disease, including MRSA, into the hospitals.

Be sure to read in full here

POLICY   02/24/15, KL. 09:50

EL thunders against Danish pig producers: Stop the mass killing Unity votes in the Swedish chorus that is highly critical of the Danish pig production. There must be an end to masseaflivningen in
Danish stables, it said.

By: Michael Alsen Lauridsen, Berlingske News

There is a need to do away with the idea of ??quantity in the Danish pig farms. Instead, the focus is to breed quality pork under proper conditions...

...The debate is based, among other things, that the Danish pig producers have made calculations showing that it is not viable to keep piglets weighing less than two pounds at birth alive. Critics of our neighbor, neither is it particularly humanely when pig killing piglets by beating piglet heads on concrete floors in barns...