Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Britain - Hepatitis E - HEV in pigmeat is a ticking timebomb

We have progress, at last, in Britain to deal with a long neglected scandal. 

Although pork is a major worry, we should also be concerned with the impact on people raising and handling pigs, their families and contacts, and the outrageous government veterinary cover-up in the UK on this and other zoonotic pig diseases. 

There has been widespread sustained serious criminal activity to cover-up this disgraceful situation over many years, with many resulting human casualties.

We now need an urgent Royal Commission of Enquiry with witnesses giving evidence under oath.

The full news report can be found here and is essential reading.

Hepatitis E in pigmeat is a ticking timebomb

By Nicholas Robinson

Hepatitis E in pork products will be the next battleground in foodborne diseases, a leading food safety expert has warned.

The number of hepatitis E cases reported in foods had increased from relatively few, to more than 600 last year, said Sarah O’Brien, professor of infection epidemiology and zoonoses at the University of Liverpool...