Friday, 27 June 2014

Denmark - Yet another pig antibiotic scandal breaks

The original headline was not too informative on the story tucked in at the bottom. It is tough being a journalist in Denmark.

Not only are you in danger of arrest by a panicking government for publishing the names of farms, but you also have to handle drug smugglers and dealers.

You can see where the big money comes from to bribe politicians and hire criminals to defame and harass those campaigning for reform in Denmark and elsewhere - BIG PHARMA and often their veterinary retailers.

Anyway, as we would expect, reform is now under way in Denmark and the Copenhagen Post has managed to get the news out here.

Be sure to read the whole, good and bad.

Pig welfare set for improvement

Some 22 new initiatives hope to improve conditions of industry as more antibiotics show up at Jutland farms

June 26, 2014

by Nanna G Vansteelant

Danish pigs look set to improve today when Food Minister Dan Jørgensen presents 22 initiatives aimed at raising the standards of animal welfare at pig farms...

...Irresponsible farmers use illegal antibiotics

In other news, 50 kilos of illegal broad-spectrum antibiotics have been found in a single pig-population on one of Jutland's many pig farms.

Tetracyclin is not approved for animal treatment as it can develop antibiotic resistance, but eight Jutland farms (and counting) have been caught using it, according to Ingeniøren.

The discovery was made by a team of vets sent out by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to make sure the laws are being upheld.

Per Henriksen, the veterinary director at the administration, is concerned about the irresponsibility displayed by pig farmers
"They risk putting food safety and the export of Danish pork in jeopardy when they gamble with the illegal import of medicine."
According to Ingeniøren, the Veterinary and Food Administration has reported the medicinal importers to the Danish police and banned slaughtering at the eight farms. ...