Monday, 30 June 2014

Denmark - MRSA st398 - Pressure increases

You can see how the Danes are combating the reluctance of their government and farming organisations to allow the publication of locations of MRSA st398 (cc 398)  infected farms.

The Danish information blackout is failing to protect anyone and arresting journalists did not work. It is surprising that they thought it would.

But even that is better than refusing to admit that you have had a problem for many years and claiming it is, therefore, unnecessary to protect your hospitals as Britain's corrupt government veterinarians do by failing to test.

When, finally, this scandal breaks, there is going to have to be a Royal Commission to investigate who is culpable in Britain's rotten veterinary establishment, and why they ignored warnings.

First, 'The Engineer' reminds us of the perils of living near Danish pig farms:

"There are 13 times as likely to become infected with resistant MRSA bacteria if you live in a town with many pigs. According to a survey conducted by the Engineer.
By Helle Maigaard Erhardsen June 30, 2014 at. 05:03"

then they give us an interactive map of pig densities and human cases. Both published at the same time:

"So many MRSA cases in the Danish municipalities.

Click the municipalities on the map to see how many Danes were infected with the antibiotic-resistant swine MRSA CC398 in 2012/13 and the number of pigs in which the municipality is home.
By Martin Kirchgässner June 30, 2014 at. 05:03"