Thursday, 19 June 2014

MRSA CC398 constitutes an ever increasing share of MRSA infectees

There is nothing really new here, certainly not the mind-boggling complacency of the first paragraph. It does however confirm that a sorry state of affairs continues in Denmark.

You can see why the Danes had to arrest  journalists to try to keep control of the media. The Danish government are not facing reality.

Scotland imports breeding stock from this dangerous pig industry. Mind you, MRSA st398 is already in Scotland – has been for years, despite what Defra and the devolved  veterinarians tell us. We also know they have exported disease south to England in weaners.

The most frightening thing is that despite persistently sick pigs, the Danes still manage to massively outperform Britain on pork produced per sow, and have done for many years. If the Danish pigs are this infected, Britain's must be much worse

The official production figures unwittingly gives us a good idea of just how sick British pig herds really are and for how long. See Pig Disease the Most Important Webpage 

You can see why Defra, Britain's agricultural ministry, have bolted throwing public relations functionaries, cronies and compliant veterinarians all over their tracks. They would rather discuss irresponsibly flooding huge areas of England last winter than pig health.

This, if the scandal erupts soon, is going to complicate the Scottish independence and the EU independence debates. Many have good reason to see that it does.

Anyway, here is Statens Serum Institut. Be sure to read the whole sorry tale. All's not well in the state of Denmark.

MRSA CC398 constitutes an ever increasing share of MRSA infectees
18 June 2014

In 2007, pig MRSA of the CC398 type comprised only 2% of all notified MRSA cases in Denmark. This year, the type presently accounts for more than 35% of cases. The overwhelming majority of these cases are carriers of the bacterium and have no symptoms of staphylococcal infection, and only a very limited number of persons become seriously ill due to the infection…