Friday, 27 June 2014

Netherlands - Illegal antibiotics found on farms

The world is dealing with international veterinary drug smugglers and dealers: really serious criminals implicated in multiple crimes and tens of thousands of consequential deaths.

But let's be fair, the writer got it right over the past fourteen years on the British newsgroup

Now the super clean Dutch go down under the veterinary crime wave.

Britain remains under the domination of veterinary drug barons and their civil service and political protectors, all ultimately threatened with very long gaol terms.

One is ashamed for Britain, but maybe we can catch up.

The full Dutch News report is here, as always, read in full.

Illegal antibiotics found on four Dutch veal and one beef farm

Friday 27 June 2014

Food safety inspectors have frozen the operations of four veal and one beef farm after finding traces of illegal antibiotics in animal feed.

All livestock on the five farms is being tested and those which are found to have the antibiotic in their blood will be killed and the meat destroyed. The feed containing the drug was sold by one of the farms to the others, according to the food safety body statement.

Meat from the farms is now being traced. Some 45,000 kilos was sold in the Netherlands but consignments also went to Belgium, Germany, Spain and Italy where the authorities have been informed, the food safety body said...

...the meat which is in circulation should be withdrawn from sale as a precaution...