Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Denmark - MRSA - Despite promises: People and pigs get even more antibiotics.

The flood of news and comment from Denmark, on MRSA st398, continued unabated yesterday. This is the reliable 'Engineer.'

At least, the Danes get some facts and figures on how bad things are. They are able to hold their politicians to account and are doing so in no uncertain way.

In Britain, various rather silly attempts to divert attention to less immediate and less serious pig epidemics are being driven by Britain's corrupt veterinary establishment.

These third rate charlatans have yet to learn that you can't treat sick pigs with stupid public relations' campaigns.

"Blame someone else, preferably innocent" has run out of steam as a British veterinary tactic.

Continued organised harassment of critics won't work either. The crucial documents have long been in the United States, Parliament at Westminster and/or the EU. Veterinary reform is inevitable and has to get under way right now.

The world is watching Britain and waiting for the inevitable admission of very widespread MRSA st398, and other nasty diseases in pigs spreading into Britain's human population.

The real shock will be just how long this scandal has been covered up and the illegal methods used.

The quotes below are a mechanical translation. Be sure to read in full here.

Despite promises: People and pigs get back more antibiotics

The consumption of antibiotics skyrocketing, a new study shows. The consumption of pork soaring, and it annoys the researcher behind.

By Maria Behrendt September 30, 2014 at. 11:58

From 2012 to 2013, the consumption of antibiotics for both humans and animals again despite various promises to the contrary from both agricultural and politicians. The figures from the annual Danmap report ...

...For pigs, accounting for almost 80 percent of the total antibiotic use in animals, the increase from 2012 to 2013 at five percent... 

...For pigs rise is largely due to increased consumption of tetracyclines and pleuromutilins, which primarily added to feed and water associated with gastrointestinal disorders. These types of antibiotics are particularly used to mass medicate the entire herds of piglets develop diarrhea when they are weaned nurse from her mother...

...Antibiotic consumption for pigs fell otherwise drastically with 'Yellow Card Scheme' in 2010, which gives the farmer a warning if he exceeds the allowable consumption, but in both 2012 and 2013, again, increases...

..."I'm annoyed that things are going in that direction. I would like that we were more ambitious compared to keep consumption low, so we can avoid development of resistant bacteria, "says Yvonne Agersø, senior scientist at the National Food Institute and one of the driving forces behind Danmap report...