Saturday, 14 February 2015

MRSA - Danes in trouble exporting pork to China?

You can see why Scotland is so keen to continue to cover up MRSA in its pigs and tries to block knowledge of the proposed Islay High Health Pig Farm.

Once you own up to a pig MRSA problem the repercussions can get serious very quickly and span the world.

No excuse, of course, but it does help explain the ridiculous, dangerous and unethical behaviour of Scotland's bloated veterinary sector.

But there is no virtue in being the last to confess the problem and very little hope of blaming the Danes.

Scotland was still importing live pigs from Denmark recently - and has a history of exporting porcine diseases south to England!

Examining the recent past, and frankly examining it, helps us devise solutions to the coming storm.

Here is the talented commentator and journalist Kjeld Hansen on the troubles in the  Denmark-China pork trade: