Thursday, 19 February 2015

Pig MRSA in Norway

We have confirmation that one pig herd in Norway has been found to have MRSA cc398 . That must come as a huge disappointment. Norway was almost clear.

The enlightened Norwegian state veterinarians have immediately reported the situation and are busy testing contacts.

We await a similar frankness from Scotland, where the MRSA pig health situation is much worse, with no transparency and medieval procedures .

They can't hold out much longer covering up a public health disaster, now that England has owned up.

Norwegian government report here. As always read in full

Confirmed findings of LA-MRSA in a swine herd in Nord-Trondelag

Published 18/02/2015 | Last modified 02/19/2015   

FSA has today been confirmed LA-MRSA in a swine herd in North Trøndelag. It's imposed restrictions on the crew, which means that it can not be led swine or out...

...All MRSA variants can be transmitted between humans and animals. Bacterium rare disease in animals and healthy people, but for peoplewho already have impaired health may bacterium cause serious infections. It is therefore important to keep incidence in livestock and in the population as low as possible and to prevent the bacterium establishes itself in health institutions...

- Efforts to identify and take samples of contact herds are wellunderway. We expect answers to the first tests in the end of this week, says regional director of the FSA, Bjorn Rothe Knudtsen. Animals in the affected herds can be sent to slaughter. After emptying the
barns shall be washed and disinfected.

It's imposed restrictions on 15 contact husbandry. Contact animal groups there are two in Troms, one in Nordland, and one in South Trøndelag and the remaining twelve Nord-Trøndelag.

Monitoring program in 2015

In March starts FSA, in cooperation with the National Veterinary Institute, this year's monitoring program for LA-MRSA in pigs in Norway.