Friday, 13 February 2015

Pig MRSA in English from the Danes

The Danes are now publishing increasingly in English about MRSA.

The massive scale of the problem facing Britain and the NHS seems to hit harder when it comes in your own language.

As always, read in full.

Politken here.

DISEASE 12. FEBRUARY 2015 KL. 7.10
Twice as many infected with porcine MRSA last year
Professor demand clean production lines to reduce the prevalence

When a person is infected with the bacterium porcine MRSA, it means
that the bacterium has been dwelling in the body, the liver and to
multiply there. And it will not just disappear right away. Not even if
you stay away from pigs....

The Local here

MRSA cases in Denmark doubled in just one year
Published: 12 Feb 2015 08:16 GMT+01:00

The variant of MRSA that can be transmitted from livestock to humans
used to account for just two percent of all MRSA cases but in 2014 the
pig-borne bacteria accounted for 43 percent - "an epidemic that is out
control", an expert warned...