Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Danes are afraid of MRSA

Mechanical translators may render Danish TV as "BBC."

Both should regard it as a compliment. Both have stood out against state veterinary corruption with exposures and critical investigative programmes.

Both will have to continue to report on the continuing cover-up over MRSA in pigs and people in Britain and Denmark.

Danish TV may have resolved the problem of being confused with the BBC, I regret that. Explaining was always a pleasure.

Be sure to read in full here.  The article reflecting the programme screened last night.

The Danes are afraid of MRSA

Swine -MRSA bacterium spreads in piggeries. Recently, it has been found that also the pork meat is infected. It worries Danes.

PM. 13:30

According to a poll by the Epinion for the food magazine, think 55% of Danes, swearing -MRSA is dangerous for them. 

There are MRSA bacteria both in piggeries - and in pig meat in cold counter.

The latest survey by the Food Agency show that 2 out of 3 Danish piggeries have pig MRSA. And in the autumn could Local TV station TVSYD tell that 21 percent of the packages pork that had been tested, was infected with the bacterium...

...See why there is MRSA in our pork - and find out how the infection spreads in the Danish pig farms in the food magazine Tuesday evening 21:55 on DR1.