Tuesday, 10 February 2015

#MRSA discovery in English pigs 'not surprising', vets say.

MRSA discovery in English pigs 'not surprising', vets say.

Not my headline, but Alistair Driver on Farmer's Guardian.

You can read the full article here. It is not under password protection.

I'll bet the UK veterinary leaders are disappointed. Britain's corrupt state veterinary service could not keep the cover-up going for any longer. The top people certainly will not be surprised.

It is a fat lot of good testing live imports when the disease has obviously been here in Great Britain in pigs for a full decade.

Now we have to get testing done under tight external supervision to find out the scale of the problem in England - and in, of course, Scotland where it may be well be even worse.

Of course, Britain's most senior veterinarians face charges of crimes against humanity. What else should we expect?

Please, let's get on to protecting the hospitals leaving veterinary corruption to the investigating and prosecuting authorities!