Tuesday, 10 February 2015

MRSA in UK Pigs." Why didn't you publish?"

One of the big questions to be asked at the eventual enquiry into the worst scandal of the 21st century will be:

"Why didn't you publish?"

We have known since 2000 that much PR pap and veterinary disinformation has been flooding the livestock health sector via media releases and private briefings.

Much will have to be justified.

But the biggest question now when MRSA st398 has been admitted in English pigs after a decade and more of denial is:

"Why didn't you publish?"

It couldn't be the drug advertising revenue and the promise of ill-earned honours for the editor, could it?

Or maybe the threat of Defra and the front organisations of Britain's Agricultural ministry and drug dealing cronies removing you from their media release distribution list?

Anyway, as the children and old people die in MRSA superbug riddled hospitals the question will be asked:

"Why didn't you publish?"