Thursday, 12 February 2015

Pig MRSA - Waiting for Scotland

Scotland remains more or less the only country still claiming to be free of Porcine MRSA in its pigs.

England owned up a week ago and very slowly the farming and veterinary media published, playing the significance down, of course, and with most of the really important information behind password protection.

However, they did own up. They are not in the clear, far from it, but at least they have allowed us to campaign for proper protection for the hospitals, with the admission that MRSA is here and in the pigs and people.

Where is Scotland?

Is Edinburgh planning to go into what will be a fractious general election hiding up an animal disease killing kids?

There is no hope of getting the proposed Islay High Health Pig Farm under way, until the problem, the need, and the scale is admitted.

Come on, Scotland!