Friday, 11 July 2014

Denmark - Committee will have transparency on pig MRSA (cc398 or st398)

This seems sensible enough to any normal person.

Would you allow a school visit to an MRSA st398 infected farm, if you were responsible?

Of course, the answer is no!

Otherwise, the inevitable row continues with increasing vigour and political concern.

A difficult long-standing problem, running beyond national boundaries, is now out in the open, where it should have been a decade ago.

Danish report here.

Committee will have transparency on pig MRSA

Randers-politician now wants local pig farming screened for pig-MRSA,while Agriculture and Food and Environmental journalist Kjeld Hansen arguing loudly about the risk of infection is highest
By Knud Abildtrup,

RANDERS: Welfare list in Randers now requires that local pig farms should be screened for multi-resistant swine MRSA so that school children are not sent on a visit to the stables with bacteria. This happens after TV2 East Jutland could tell that Randers is the East Jutland municipality where most people have been infected with the bacterium, writes environmental journalist Kjeld Hansen on his blog .

MRSA bacteria can cause abscesses and be dangerous for people with weakened immune.

Today, one can not ascertain what pig farms infected. But it needs to change if it is to Welfare List Chairman of the Social Committee, Kasper Fuhr Christensen:

- We can for example create a website where you can see where there isa risk of infection. It must be the first step. In addition, the need to make some relief for children and others that are related to municipal employees. This will ensure that they do not come close to sources of contamination. Misleading articles In a recent discussion about how the greatest MRSA infection is going waves right now high between agricultural organization, Food & Agriculture and Kjeld Hansen...