Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Denmark reports "MRSA found in the first pig in the UK"

The Danes reporting on MRSA st398 in British pigs.  We were amused to see them accidentally record the fudging of the strain.

We wonder how long before someone spots the regular import into Scotland of live pigs as breeding stock from Denmark. The veterinary rebels in Denmark have already suggested that Danish live exports carry MRSA st398. Did anyone in Scotland bother to test any of the imports for MRSA st398?

And it is most certainly not the first case in animal husbandry in the UK. Even Britain's atrocious state veterinary service eventually admitted its presence in poultry, cows milk etc. - anything but pigs.

OK, 'The Independent' published about the cow's milk on Christmas Day 2012 see here
but it was, of course, present much earlier.

Here is Landbrugsavisen's report, translated mechanically from the Danish

MRSA found in the first pig in the UK

By Philip Knaack Kirkegaard

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 15:39

The resistant bacterium that is widespread in eg Denmark and the Netherlands, are now found in British pigs.

MRSA CC398, as in the UK, called LA-MRSA is now found in a British pig... 

...In England and Scotland have been registered MRSA in humans, but not the type found in animals.

It is believed to be the first case of MRSA CC398 in animal husbandry in the British Isles...