Thursday, 17 July 2014

Denmark - Journalists Publishing Names of Pig Farms Overusing Atibiotics

 'The Engineer' and their intrepid scientific journalists have found a way past government and veterinary obstruction.

That's what comes of stopping exposure of the inexcusable by arresting genuine investigative journalists and they slapping them down with writs - even worse trouble for Denmark's massive veterinary and pig farming sector.

Britain has to learn from this.

The UK veterinary establishment have to come clean on MRSA st398 in pigs, and right now. If they are not interested in protecting their own children and the hospitals, they need to try to save their careers.

Alas, this is indeed the scandal of the century.

Be sure to read in full here - mechanical translation

Journalists publish the addresses of possible MRSA-infected farms

After the Food & Drug Administration has refused to submit addresses of infectious pig farms, publish, journalists now have a list of farms that use the most antibiotics, and thus probably also infected with the resistant swine bacterium.

By Helle Maigaard Erhardsen July 17, 2014 at. 16:53

Although the Ombudsman recently ruled that people have the right to know the addresses of MRSA-infected pig farms, the publication of the addresses deferred for a writ of Food Administration of Agriculture and Food who fear economic loss and stigmatization of farmers in the list.

Journalists initially refused access to the mailing list, now instead published a different list. It shows the names and addresses of 137 pig farms, as the last nine months has been an overuse of antibiotics in relation to the applicable limits, and therefore will be awarded a
"yellow card", which is a warning to farmers to reduce its consumption of antibiotics .

The provision of the addresses of the farms has been a collaboration between Jutland West Coast, Extra Bladet and journalists from Investigative Reporting Denmark, which has put the list up on their website ...