Thursday, 3 July 2014

Pig Health - Action at last in Britain, more problems in Denmark

In Britain, of course, we now have the Prime Minister, Mr Cameron, looking after antibiotic resistance in Britain, and abroad. Isn't that reassuring? See BBC report here.

But perhaps equally important, the Chief Medical Officer for England,  Prof Dame Sally Davies who has previously been outspoken on the subject of antibiotic use in livestock, is very involved.

In Denmark, things get ever worse in pig health circles.

It is important to realise that these extracts come from a Danish report given in Danish here
(machine translation)

Sweden raging over the discovery of growth hormone in theDanish-imported pigs

After the discovery of a dead growth hormone in a Danish slaughterhouse last week's discussion of Danish pig flared up again in Sweden.

By Maria Viskinde July 2, 2014 kl. 10:16

Discovery of growth hormone diethylstilbestrol (DES) in a pig 'urine has been Danish Crown to withdraw a large batch of pork from the Far East and various destinations in Europe, including Sweden. Food
Administration, made the discovery last Friday at a routine check at the Danish Crown slaughterhouse in Sæby in North Jutland. Three supermarket chains in Sweden had to withdraw products - total 21.6
tonnes of meat.

Yesterday rolled debate so in Sweden on whether Sweden should even import Danish pork.Politicians agree that the Swedes should buy more Swedish-made meat and boycott the Danish. The former Environment and Agriculture in Sweden Eskil Erlandsson expressed yesterday his strong dislike of Danish pig production in Aftonbladet , expressed dissatisfaction with the Danish meat production and called for the purchase of more Swedish meat instead of Danish.

The substance diethylstilbestrol (DES) is prohibited and has not been used since the 1970s. It was used as a growth promoter and is an artificial version of estrogen, the female hormone.

According to the Food Administration was the banned substance found in pigs, but in the urine. In a press release , they write: "There was at the check found no evidence of the use of banned substances in the herd, suggesting that the discovery is due to a contamination."

They have now banned that is being moved animals from the herd. In pig urine was found 1.3 mg diethylstilbestrol of 1 kg of urine, which is very small....