Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Denmark - MRSA st398. - Danes only test 2 percent of pig farms.

The Danish government simply does not want to know, do they?

Even less to do anything about it, much beyond telling everyone to wash their hands and boots.

Mind you, your next door neighbour, Norway, on your tail, is not exactly a comfortable place to be, especially with the Danish Ombudsman still in action trying to force disclosure, customers wary, the unions moving to protect their workers and insurance companies and lawyers waiting in the wings.

It is a disaster gathering pace.

Still, two percent is a lot better than Britain's nothing and the Danes are, at least, protecting their hospitals.

The Engineer article in full is here. It's well worth reading their previous lively, educated and competent coverage too.

Where is Britain's equivalent? Hiding?  whilst waiting for a gong for not rocking the boat?

Dream on! The future belongs to people protecting Britain's children from despicable behavior.

Only two percent of pig herds are checked for MRSA

A study of the resistant bacteria pigs in Denmark will only include a little over two percent of the country's pig farms, and it is actually less than in the previous screening. The focus now is to limit the infection, it said.

By Thomas Djursing July 15, 2014 at. 05:42

The extent of infection with MRSA in pig houses are only based on samples from a little over two percent of all 9000 pig herds in Denmark. This was stated by Minister for Food, Dan Jørgensen (S) and Food Administration...