Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Denmark - MRSA pigs - USA reports on Journalist Arrests

Things are now desperate in Denmark, but much worse still in Britain, where witnesses to Parliament at Westminster and OLAF, the serious fraud squad of the EU, have been threatened.

A Royal Commission of Enquiry into MRSA and pig health in Britain is now inevitable

This is the USA, Columbia Journalism Review, taking up the cause of free speech, pig and human health - full report here.

06:50 AM - July 8, 2014

Two Danish reporters investigated MRSA cases, and they ended up on trial for privacy violations.

They revealed that Denmark’s most important agricultural industry is riddled with a strain of MRSA that threatens human health

By Lisa Abend

COPENHAGEN—When Danish journalist Kjeld Hansen picked up a medical journal several years ago and read that 50 people from a kindergarten in the region had contracted an antibiotic-resistant staph infection, or MRSA, he couldn’t have imagined where that story would lead him.

But four years later, he and his reporting partner, Nils Mulvad, have not only revealed that Denmark’s most important agricultural industry is riddled with a strain of MRSA that poses a serious threat to human health. They have also stood trial for publishing their findings, becoming poster boys for freedom of the press in a case that pits that right against the individual’s right to privacy...