Thursday, 10 July 2014

Denmark - MRSA st398 (now MRSA398?) - developments

One can't help being impressed with these Danish journalists.

The Danish government, veterinarians and pig farmers, will be realising that no pig was ever cured of disease by a big PR budget and massaged statistics, and that you can't endanger your children, employees, neighbours and customers, in secret, on this scale without getting caught.

The Danish government are now going to have to lead the international race to full disclosure. That's what can come of arresting genuine investigative journalists. We know that Denmark is in a mess, but this was the wrong response.

Defra, Britain's infamous agricultural ministry, and her corrupt veterinarians are going to have to come clean on the situation in Britain. Then a real row starts.

How long have they been covering up and what is the human death toll?

Bear in mind that Britain, unlike Denmark, has not even protected its hospitals despite having MRSA st398 in Britain for about a decade.

Readers will need to read the full Investigative Journalism Denmark report here comparing the statistical basis for the contradictory claims.

Jutland has a problem: Dangerous pig-bacteria on humans concentrated
in municipalities with many pigs

By: NILS MULVAD | 09/07/2014

There is a very clear connection between the number of pigs in a municipality and the number of infected humans with the dangerous pig bacteria, MRSA398.

Danish farmers reject the specific risk for humans getting MRSA from pigs...