Monday, 28 July 2014

Veterinarians report UK's first case of MRSA in pigs - LATE

The British veterinary establishment via 'Farmers Weekly' and the 'Veterinary Record' have finally acknowledged MRSA in Britain's pigs, a decade late, in a synchronised ballet dance, and with huge numbers of avoidable human casualties to the vetocracy's credit.

We reported the first 'admitted' case TEN days ago. Who ordered the delay?

Now, Britain's hopelessly corrupt veterinary establishment, and their cronies, go on the rack.

Blaming foreigners is not going to work.

Crimes against humanity! You can't get more serious than that. This is not going away and intimidation won't work.

The 'Farmers Weekly' news report is here, as always, read in full,

Vets report UK's first case of MRSA in pigs
FW Reporters

Monday 28 July 2014 16:14

Vets in Northern Ireland have reported what is thought to be the UK's first case of the MRSA bacterium in a pig.

The disease is potentially fatal to human beings and it is resistant to a number of modern antibiotics making it difficult to treat.

The MRSA bacterium was isolated in a piglet which was one of a group of five submitted to the Omagh disease surveillance laboratory of the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) in May 2014...

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In a statement released on 28 July in the Veterinary Record journal vets said...

..."We believe this to be the first reported isolation of LA-MRSA from a pig in the UK."

It added that the MRSA ST398 was relatively common in other European member states.

Abattoir tests had isolated the disease in 61% of Spanish pigs, 60% of pigs in Germany and 39% of Dutch pigs.