Wednesday, 23 July 2014

MRSA st398 - Denmark - It sounds like a bad joke

It sounds like a bad joke, but this is the Danes reporting on a Danish reaction on the Norwegians hitting out at the Danes again for failing to get to grips with MRSA st398 in their pigs, claiming that it is too expensive.

Things are much worse in the UK, where although Defra, Britain's discredited agriculture ministry, has now finally admitted LA-MRSA in British pigs after many years of blatant cover-ups, threats and associated attempted intimidation. See here for British admission last week.

British hospitals still remain unprotected, whilst veterinary drug dealers and their cronies rake in vast profits from antibiotic sales.

As always read the full Danish news report here (mechanical translation)

Minister ignores the benefits of removing MRSA from the stables

Food Minister gets tough criticism for illuminating only the cost of fighting MRSA bacteria in barns and leave out the socio-economic benefits, according to Norwegian estimates outweigh the costs.

By Helle Maigaard Erhardsen July 23, 2014 at. 11:02

It makes no sense to only look at the expenditure side, without also looking at what is at the same time is saved. Such an accounting does not and is akin to speculation, says the criticism from one of the nation's leading experts resistance, professor and consultant at Odense University Hospital Hans Jørn Kolmos.

The criticism comes after food minister Dan Jørgensen (S) have used Norwegian estimates of what their efforts to remove the pig MRSA will cost, who argued that it would be too expensive for Denmark to follow the Norwegian example...

See also: Minister: It costs 3.5 billion to eliminate MRSA from the Danish stables...