Friday, 11 July 2014

Denmark- MRSA st398 - Student employee wins compensation

Under yet another name, "MRSA 398", a long anticipated event has occurred: a student employee catching MRSA st398 on an infected farm has claimed against her employer and won damages.

In any Western country, with employee protection laws insisting on a duty of care, keeping a zoonotic outbreak secret is not the action of a conscientious employer. It is also foolish.

Denmark, of course, and a mechanical translation bringing a new meaning to "sick of going to work."

The report is from the trade union 3F here.

Human cases of MRSA st398 continue to increase in Denmark with 444 cases reported this year, so far.

3F: Foolishly keeping pigs infection secret

Business Organization will maintain the confidentiality of dangerous bacteria in pig farmer. It heavily criticized by 3F.

Louise Jensen was as an agricultural student infected with MRSA. Her former employer did not tell his swine herd infected with the bacterium. She was aware that she was suffering from MRSA because bacteria had been detected in a colleague. Louise Jensen compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering after her union 3F Aalborg, settled with the farmer. (Michael Bo Rasmussen)

ByMorten Halskov


Business Organization Food & Agriculture summoned Wednesday the state with the aim of preventing and Food Administration to publish a list of pig farmers who have had MRSA in their herd. MRSA can cause
infections, abscesses and blood poisoning, and the bacterium is resistant to the types of medications, we use most, such as penicillin. At the Green Group in 3F understand President Arne Grevsen not Agriculture and Food attitude to secrecy on the infected pig herds. - We think it is foolish to go hemmeligholdelsens way.Transparency of MRSA is the way forward.Otherwise, people are only scared and nervous about the bacteria, he said.

Disclosure of MRSA infection

In early June, the Court Parliamentary Ombudsman that there are sufficient grounds for the authorities to keep secret the pig herds infected with MRSA. However, with the application tries Food & Agriculture now to prevent the Food & Drug Administration publishes a list of names of pig who had MRSA in his herd in the years 2008-2011. the Green Group in 3F believe that the growing problem of swine bacterium must be taken very seriously. 3F look at the problem from a work perspective and emphasizes that employers under the act, the duty to inform the health and safety risks by working with an infected herd. - Employees must be sick of going to work, because employers hide knowledge that their swine herd infected with MRSA. We require that employers in agriculture live up to their responsibility and duty to inform employees if the bacteria found in the pig pen, says group chairman Arne Grevsen.