Monday, 28 July 2014

MRSA st398 in pigs - Rebellion in Denmark

It seems that some Danish veterinarians and pig people are beginning to rebel and they are right on target – 

the huge increase in the international movement of live pigs and germplasm  (that's semen and embryos ) covered by recklessly issued veterinary health certificates and false reassurance.

“Good men” a very simple description for the reformers from a mechanical translation

This is where we became involved with the murky origins of Classical Swine Fever in Britain in 2000 and Foot and Mouth 2001. The cover stories and disinformation were ridiculous: real kindergarten deceptions.

The rest is the history of crimes against humanity, in a maelstrom of veterinary greed.

Danish report in full is here.

Are Danish super pigs infected with MRSA?

The highly esteemed Danish SPF pigs (Specific Pathogen Free) are still sold as the best and most disease-free pigs in the world.

By Holger Baltic Mortensen, Lisa Bright, Præstholm Mark, Odder
Monday, July 28, 2014, 07:15
But can one be sure? Since virtually all slaughter pigs carrying the dreaded and super resistant MRSA CC398-bacterial, it seems highly unlikely that the SPF pigs should have been spared. Maybe we do not hear about the phenomenon of MRSA in SPF pigs, because the animals do not get sick, it only makes people.

The pig industry is doing everything to do damage control on the problems of MRSA - assisted by the authorities. The toxic and resistant bacteria are not just a bomb during the entire pig industry, but also a potential bomb in our hospital and health system. It can be quite extraordinarily expensive and painful.

Now it is time for the good men agronomist Niels Jørgen Kjeldsen, veterinarian. Poul Bækbo from Knowledge of pigs (VFS), Jan Dahl Axel Borg, Martin Douwe of Agriculture and Food, Niels Buhl, SPF and the Food and Agriculture Dan Jørgensen coming out of the woodwork. We will no longer be diverted from vital veterinary information of concern to all Danes.

And to all Danes: take for granted that all Danish pig factories and employees with dependents are infected with the toxic and yellow CC398-staphylococci and keep you away. If you live less than half a mile from a pig, it is advised to keep doors and windows closed.