Thursday, 17 July 2014

Denmark - Here are the MRSA pigs that can threaten your health

Well, that's what comes of endangering Danish children.

Incidentally, it is not suggested that we should do anything similar in Britain. It is not our way to name individual farms or farmers. The British farmers are also the victims, operating under strict veterinary control.

This outrage has being going on in Britain for far too long and it is time to deal with an appalling scandal properly by coming down hard immediately on the organisations responsible for very serious criminal activities over many years.

As always read the full report here

Here are the MRSA pigs that can threaten your health


MRSA epidemic in the country's pig farms has exploded. People and local politicians require with increasing strength the facts about the risk of infection. But where is the pig factories, one should stay away from? We can now get the first answer.

Ombudsmand Jørgen Steen Sørensen

So far, the Food Mini Presented watched jealously addresses, and in more than two years, the Ministry has refused to share his knowledge of the infected pig factories with the Danes. Despite orders from the Ombudsman Jørgen Steen Sørensen Ministry has still not published its lists of MRSA-infected farms.

However, it has now managed to wrest DVFA a list of 137 addresses of pig farms, which most probably contains svine MRSA bacteria.

List of all pig farms with high consumption of antibiotics, sorted by ZIP code...