Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Danish Crown sell antibiotic-free pork

Now this is a pig business we like - making money from addressing the very real problem of antibiotic resistance sensibly.

Danish Crown are using the remote island of Bornholm (remote from the rest of Denmark it is in the Baltic between Sweden and Poland) to produce antibiotic free pigs and pork.

The customer very sensibly wants antibiotic free pork, and that is what Denmark's major producer is starting to sell, for a premium price.

The writer suggested something similar for the Scottish island of Islay back in April 2012. The demand is there, Scottish pigs have been sick for years and producers are even reduced to bringing breeding stock in from Denmark hoping that they might be healthier than local sources.

Like Bonholm, Islay has the essential remoteness. We found a source of feed, even suggested sources for the finance. The island needs the jobs to keep the next generation home on the island, but the local
birdwatchers objected to the suggestion and we gave up under a barrage of disinformation and harassment.

It all on the newsgroup You can use Google Groups and search for "Islay High Health Pig Farm"

So the Danes take a crown that could have been Scotland's, as well as suffering from MRSA st398, they have also been trying to find some profitable solutions.

But it is never too late, maybe the Islay project could be resurrected by someone else?

As always, read the Danish report in full, here. remembering that it is a mechanical translation.

Danish Crown will sell pork without antibiotics

By Soren Hansen Tobberup

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 12:16

Five pig farmers on the island trying to antibiotic-free herds.Sick animals are treated and removed.

Danish Crown is now entering in the fight to reduce the levels of antibiotics.

It occurs when the slaughterhouse giant from December 1 launch attempt when five Bornholm pig farmers should produce slaughter pigs without the use of antibiotics. It appears from the DC newsletter.

"The current debate has inspired us to establish partnerships with a handful of pig farmers to gain greater knowledge of what it takes to produce slaughter pigs without the use of antibiotics," says CEO of DC Pork, Jesper Friis.

The five pig on the island include an integrated production and more finishers productions...