Thursday, 30 October 2014

Denmark - How to Counteract Pig MRSA

As you can see Bornholm bubbles to the surface on Danish TV.

At least, Britain got there first with the idea of the Islay High Health Pig Farm on the Scottish island of Islay.

..."One could make Bornholm MRSA-free, and see if the island can be kept free."...                        

It does help mitigate an otherwise disgraceful performance by Britain and its corrupt vetocracy.

Not everyone in Britain was asleep, intimidated or bribed by drug dealers.

The full Jutland TV report is here.



Thursday at 30-10-14. 16:43 - Kristian Vinther Andersen

Antimicrobial consumption must be reduced, the problem of Pig MRSA must be identified and research in this area must be increased. This is the advice of experts like TV SYD has asked for advice.

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Five points to curb the spread of Swine-MRSA. In June, the Minister for Food with a vision for a solution now has TV SYD asked three of the leading experts in the field to come up with their idea of a five-point plan to solve the problem.

The first item on the experts' plan is to get the problem identified completely. 

Then, the pigs are not infected are isolated and it is necessary to examine why they are not infected.

At a consultation of Christian Borg Wednesday estimated the Food Minister that up to 70 percent of the Danish pig herd is infected by

Point three experts plan is to start small experiments designed to test whether it is possible to keep herds free of bacteria.

The last point is to lower the overall consumption of antibiotics while increasing research in this area.

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FACTS experts' five-point plan

1. Identify the problem. How many herds are infected, and how many are free.

2. Hold the pigs free, are not infected. And start comparing and researching why the MRSA-free pigs are MRSA-free.

3. There needs to be small-scale experiments in progress, which in practice can test whether it is possible to keep MRSA-free herds. One could make Bornholm MRSA-free, and see if the island can be kept free.

4. There needs to be research in progress that may clarify why we pig MRSA. Pig MRSA is a rather special bacteria. It is one particular clone that has spread from humans to pigs back in the 50s. But what has happened in the meantime so it finally has become this
multi-resistant type, because it is not a natural bacterium for pigs. What is it that has given this bacterium success? It may be the key to stopping it in the future.

5. Antimicrobial consumption must be reduced, as the consumption of zinc. One of the experts believe that the group medication completely should be banned along with the use of tetracycline.

Svend Ellermann-Eriksen, Consultant Physician at the Clinical Microbiology Department. Aarhus University Hospital.
Frank Møller Aarestrup, Professor and Research Director, National Food Institute.
Niels Frimodt-Moller, Clinic Director, Microbiology Department, National University Hospital.