Monday, 6 October 2014

Denmark - National Audit Office examines Ministry's battle against swine MRSA

The Danes are still arguing.

When the state auditors are specially called in to check the accounts the end is probably nigh.

Britain's corrupt agricultural ministry - Defra and the allied vetocracy would not survive a proper audit either.

What was it the Americans told me, so long ago? -

"Follow the money trail!"

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Pat Gardiner
Release and independently audit the results of testing British pigs
for MRSA, C.Diff and Hepatitis E now!"

And so it came to pass: corrupt veterinarians looting the public purse and leaving a trail of sick children in their wake.

This was indeed a crime against humanity - the crime of the century.

Britain's government veterinarians, thanks to the feisty Danes, have just hit the wall. From Mad Cow, via Foot and Mouth to half a dozen other livestock diseases killing vulnerable humans, the trail of
institutional and international crime is there for all to explore.

Extracts of the report from Denmark, here, have been mechanically translated. as always read in full.

HEALTH 5. OKT. 2014 KL. 09:31

National Audit Office examines the Ministry's battle against swine MRSA

DVFA effort to come under scrutiny because resistant bacteria spreading. Director believes that the agency has a good case.

SIGNE THOMSEN Report and on duty

The significant increase in the number of Danes who become infected with swine MRSA, and an increasing use of antibiotics, especially in pig production is now the National Audit Office to look into the Ministry's efforts to reduce the prevalence of multidrug-resistant
bacteria from agriculture.

Initially, there is a so-called feasibility study. This means that the National Audit Office conducts a small study in about two months when you're deciding whether there are grounds to conduct a major study of
the area or not...