Thursday, 2 October 2014

MRSA st398 - the Danes are well ahead of the curve

Actually, the Danes are well ahead of the curve.

Britain's corrupt veterinarians are feeling pretty sick tonight.

Auditing selected veterinarians is not what veterinary drug dealers want to hear.

Freezing their bank accounts and confiscating their passports would be better, but is not yet on offer in Britain. It will come.

Patience, my friends, patience. There will be no hiding place for those that committed such gross crimes against humanity, over so many years.

Britons and Danes can be proud that some, despite constant persecution, fabrications and harassment, stood solid against state veterinary crime.

Full Danish report here. It is a mechanical translation be understanding. We dare say we will get a competent English version later



A glance at Dan Jorgensen's secret laboratories, where a new strategy and new weapons against antibitokaresistens developed. Jørgensen has manifestly access to top-secret information that no other researchers or universities have. Again, Denmark as a country that is "ahead of the curve"

In great secrecy brewer Dan Jørgensen on a new secret weapon against antibitoikaresistens. According to the engineer, he will unveil his secret weapon in November and we will be here at the editorial office follow this very closely. 

In passing, we recall tidlgere actions as "audits" of selected veterinarians, Mette Gjerskov "task force" that held a single meeting, and later Dan Jorgensen's so-called "Five Point pland" which contains the "ban" imode routine great medication but a permit to flock physicians whose farm-vet think it is a good idea. This veterinarian receives a payment from the farmer connection with the so-called "health agreements" which gives the farmer the right to self-diagnose and medicate their animals without a veterinarian. 

The Engineer wrote:

"It is obviously not satisfactory that the latest figures show an increase in the total consumption of antibiotics. Therefore, I follow developments closely and considers the need for new initiatives, "said Dan Jørgensen.

Læs also: consumption of resistance-inducing antibiotics explodes Minister points out, however, that there came new levels of antibiotics into force in February 2014, which means stricter rules for when distributed a warning to farmers of consumer antibiotics in the form of the so-called 'yellow card.' "We are now beginning to see the impact of these constraints, which has resulted in a slight decrease in the consumption of antibiotics in pig 0.4 percent ed here in early 2014, "said Dan Jørgensen, though that usage is still too high.