Friday, 10 October 2014

Denmark - pig MRSA - Legal Route to Compensation

In the absence of the British government doing anything about porcine MRSA spreading from pigs to people, indeed even denying it is present in pigs in England, Wales or Scotland, it is worth keeping a close eye on events in Denmark.

It may well be a harbinger of what is to come in Britain.

When government steps aside, or actually impedes the course of justice, we can expect an old English word of Germanic origin to come to the fore, and there it is: twice in the opening sentences of this report.

Things are moving in a predictable direction.

The quotes come from farmers' magazine, and are mechanically translated, so be guided accordingly.

How can a farm worker prove the pigs he handled had MRSA?  Infection is a state secret even in Denmark, but Danish law provides solutions.

We should expect lawyers in Britain to be watching closely. The British newsgroup will be a major source of information with posts on the subject of pig MRSA for more than a decade.

They will naturally be curious about the constant harassment and stalking.

Read the Landbrugsavisen report in full here.

Lawyer: MRSA genes can give compensation of 450,000 kr. 

By Mia Winther Jørgensen

Thursday, October 9, 2014 14:51 

Can you no longer have the same income as before due to infection with MRSA, you can get compensation for loss of earning capacity from 450,000 kr, assess attorney specializing in tort. 

The union 3F is currently pursuing cases with members who have worked in pig herds and as a result has been MRSA CC398. It can provide a compensation of 450,000, assesses a lawyer specializing in tort...