Tuesday, 28 October 2014

MRSA st398 - Danish Farmers testing pig herds.

Overnight,  Danish TV reports Danish Farmers are paying to test their pigs for MRSA cc398 independently of the government.

Separately, Danish TV also reports that the organic movement is also doing the same.

What they do with the information gained, one wonders, but they are making the Danish government look pretty bad.

The pressure on Britain ever increases. Her corrupt veterinary establishment have to decide whether to own-up, or try to continue a decade long cover-up of pig disease spreading into the human population.

Either way, they must now be terrified of the consequences. Any normal person would be. They are also very dangerous. Take care if you speak out!

As always, read the mechanical translation in full, here. The reference to the "BBC" is not the British BBC but a mistranslation for Danish TV.

The BBC is not reporting this story, yet.

Pig breeders screener even for MRSA

Fear of resistant bacteria gets pig farmers to test their own herds without the authorities.

By Morten Frandsen

The fear of the resistant swine bacterium MRSA has received a number
of pig farmers to test their herds for MRSA. They simply want to know
if the resistant bacteria in their animals...