Monday, 13 October 2014

Denmark - Pig MRSA - Antibiotic Use Increasing - Yellow Card Failing

Jutland this morning with a solid article explaining why the current veterinary scheme to reduce antibiotic use in pigs is failing Denmark.

It is useful information for other countries trailing behind to know what does not work.

Britain, in particular, is years behind.

When the British government does admit the problem, the scale and implications, there won't be time or inclination to pursue gimmick solutions promoted by the livestock antibiotics industry sales force.

Britain will need to go straight to the criminal law, rigidly enforced, to try to protect public health from organised veterinary crime.

The news report is in Danish, as always read in full, here and realise that it is a mechanical translation.

112 farmers in danger yellow card for penicillin consumptionConsumption of antibiotics in some piggeries going up despite limits and the prospect of yellow cards when they are exceeded. It is a concern to experts who fear more resistance problems.

By Pia Richter, 

Monday, October 13, 2014, 08:04

The animals in several Danish pig farms still pokes its snout into the food and water made up with more antibiotics than is desirable.Especially in West Jutland, where Ringkøbing- Skjern tops the list as the most drug-consuming.However, several other municipalities in the region is very high.

"We can see that the consumption of substances that are used for group medication increases. It thus provides medicine for both sick and healthy animals, "says senior Yvonne Agersø from the National Food Institute.

That she finds highly problematic. It creates the risk of a lot of resistance at the peril of the world in the long term is likely to be with a variety of diseases that can no longer be treated.

Yvonne Agersø is part of the team here at home that closely monitor antibiotic use and regularly report. The past is just a few days old, and it shows that last year was used 91 tons of antibiotics in swine barns, against 86 the previous year.

It is therefore the wrong way, just as there is a focus on multi-resistant MRSA CC398 bacteria, also known as pig MRSA. They spread from piggeries to people and now on to people who have not had contact with pigs.

The effect of yellow cards are gone...