Thursday, 16 October 2014

Denmark - The Secret Pigs - Porcine MRSA -The Journalists Fight Back

A long and important article to tell you what is going on in Denmark over porcine MRSA even with arrests of journalists.

The same problem has been covered up for years in the United Kingdom.

Maybe someone will get Britain's corrupt secretive veterinary establishment to see sense.

It may well be Nigel Farage and UKIP that have to do the job of starting the process of removing their pomp, their power, their secrecy, their jobs and their cash, and maybe even, in some cases, their liberty.

Euro-sceptic UKIP are now the feared opposition to the three parties of the British establishment, and a rapidly growing political party for change and reform.

It ought to be all of us, that respect the rule of law regardless of politics, that insist that Porcine MRSA , British cover-ups and toleration of veterinary drug dealing, are dealt with properly and openly.

The full, detailed, Danish report is here
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The secret pigs

In the interests of the rural economy, the authorities have failed to disclose the problem of pig MRSA bacteria, which has now killed four Danes. This is the accusation made by a journalist and a professor of medicine. For example, refuses Food Administration in its third year - due to "special circumstances" - to provide a list of infected farms. "The wool case," says professor of administrative law.  

10.14.2014 | 13:53

Somewhere in the DVFA is a secret list of about 50 pig farms, which have been found MRSA bacteria. Since the May emerged that four Danes in the past few years have died from just the bacterium has the problem been on the agenda. The two journalists Nils Mulvad and Kjeld Hansen has two and a half years trying to get access to the list so that the public could learn about the pig farms that are infected.

After a long struggle, which among other things has passed through the Ombudsman, the two journalists official word on that list with the infected pig farms should be released. Still, the list remains secret. This is because the Food & Drug Administration has made a new decision which is so unusual that two administrative law experts have not seen
the like before. The experts called the decision respectively "strange" and a "wool case."

Journalist Nils Mulvad think that the Food & Drug Administration - and the...