Monday, 6 October 2014

Denmark - More from the Pig MRSA Front Line

The Danish agricultural establishment do not want to test pigs for MRSA and are well into "Blame someone else, preferably innocent."

The big current difference between Britain and Denmark is that the Danish media, opposition politicians and population are on the case.

Britain's trade media value the drug advertising revenue, and privileged information that flows from their agricultural ministry, Defra and the veterinarians too much to expose anything much.

It's a lickspittle performance from the media's poor bottom PR driven levels and influencing the very top.

Little detrimental to the vetocracy gets through the filters to reach Britain's national media. That is reinforced by the massive PR spend from the veterinarians, their drug dealers and cronies.

Incidentally, the BBC mentioned in the mechanical translation from the Danish is actually Danish TV, not the British BBC.

The full report from Politiken is here, to be read in full, remembering the BBC is not THE BBC.


Minister: We will not solve the MRSA problem by testing pork

Food Minister Dan Jørgensen do not think the test is the right placeto focus.

The infectious and multidrug-resistant staphylococcus bacteria MRSA is spreading rapidly.

It has got the National Food Institute to recommend extensive testing of pork and also test chicken and turkey meat. But food minister Dan Jørgensen do not think it is the right place to focus, writes BBC News.

"I will not deny that we need to test, but it is not what solves the problem. The problem is in piggeries. It is the source of the problem, and that is where we should focus, "he stresses...

...Last year, 648 people infected with MRSA CC398 type. This year the figure is already on 813th In 2010, only one-tenth of the number of people infected.

MRSA tests of pork was dropped in 2011, and both DTU and food authorities consider it still to be highly unlikely that MRSA is transmitted through handling or consuming meat...