Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Transmission and persistence of livestock-associated MRSA among veterinarians and their household members.

Today, we get more confirmation that veterinarians are a vector for transfer of LA-MRSA.

Readers can find many references to the problem, on this blog, going back years

It underlines the inappropriateness of all the various schemes involving veterinarians visiting multiple pig farms, and globe-trotting to multiple conferences.

All of us have to face up to situations we find uncomfortable. It is about time, at the very least, that the veterinarians started to tackle their responsibilities to their own families.

Covering up and talking down the spread and dangers of LA-MRSA in Britain was really stupid, nasty and self-damaging.

If the veterinarians don't even protect their own families, there is little hope for the animals or the rest of us.

The veterinary profession in Britain are going to have to face up to their past mistakes and institute root and branch reform from the bottom up.

The rebels are there, they need to start to move.  If they get struck off, they will have to be struck back in later at a more senior position in a reformed institution.

Be sure to read the abstract in full here.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2014 Oct 17. pii: AEM.02803-14. [Epub ahead of

Transmission and persistence of livestock-associated MRSA among veterinarians and their household members...