Saturday, 11 October 2014

Norway - Pigs - MRSA Compensation

It seems that, alongside private insurance for tackling pig MRSA, the Norwegian state has beefed-up a programme for culling infected herds with fuller compensation.

Norway seems to be only country actually tackling MRSA st398 sensibly.

Most countries having owned up, have given up and are keeping their heads' down, aside from testing and hospital protection.

Britain, with the bizarre exception of Northern Ireland, claims not to have pig MRSA in its herds.

Things are going to get pretty exciting for Britain's corrupt vetocracy when they are forced to admit they have been covering up sick pig herds for many years, and that porcine MRSA is now out of control.

The rest of Britain is going to have to follow Northern Ireland shortly and own up. The veterinarians can then help to pay for protecting the hospitals, something that should have been done years ago.

You can see why the writer has been abused, defamed, harassed, stalked and threatened for more than a decade!

Fortunes were made from antibiotic sales for livestock and plenty was available to pay for disinformation and organised criminal activity to try to protect the culprits from exposure.

As always, read in full here and remember that it is  mechanical translation.

Positive MRSA compensation

8/10/2014 1:54 p.m.

MRSA compensation in the state budget is important to ensure the pigsfree of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

In the budget for 2015 , the Government proposes to extend the current
compensation system so that swine herds must redevelop for LA-MRSA
will cover more of the additional expenses and losses resulting from
the reform.

Norwegian Farmers have long worked to establish a financial scheme for
farmers who have to slaughter their lineup if the antibiotic-resistant
bacterium LA-MRSA detected. The economic losses as a result of the
imposition of slaughter and decontamination can be significant and are
not covered adequately by the current compensation arrangements.
Lars Petter Bartnes.

- We in the Norwegian Farmers' Union is delighted that this scheme is
now coming into place. An entire industry supports the ambition to
keep Norwegian pigs free of LA-MRSA infection, says Lars Petter
Bartnes, head of the Norwegian Farmers' Union. - We have also been
clear that antibiotic resistance is a social responsibility, and the
government must protect the farmer financially so he does not risk
losing their livelihoods.

- Norwegian livestock production is a world leader when it comes to
good animal health. One reason for this is the common aspirations and
cooperation between industry and government, as well as good public
compensation schemes. Scheme that comes into the state budget is
important, turn Bartnes firm...

...The scheme applies for 2015 However, there are several swine herds
have already slaughtered and redeveloped for LA-MRSA in 2013 and 2014.
- The effort that these farmers have done has helped that we now have
good control of LA-MRSA infection among pigs in this country. We
expect that these will have the opportunity to receive compensation in
line with what was planned in the state budget in 2015, says Bartnes
adding that Norwegian Farmers' Union will take up this issue with the
Ministry of Agriculture.