Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Denmark - Pig MRSA - tetracycline use to be halved

This is Danish TV.

It may be the main reason why BPEX, the British Pig Executive, according to the National Pig Association site, have been so forthcoming this morning over the lack of reliable data on antibiotic use in British pigs.

To be frank, there is only so long the Danes and other EU countries will take the constant disinformation and "knocking copy" from Britain, without hitting back.

The British situation on LA-MRSA in its pig herds has always been untenable and was only maintained for so long by vast public relations expenditure, high level support and protection from Defra, the British ministry of agriculture, and very serious criminal activity.

The writer was not playing games when he sought witness protection from both the Speaker of the House of Commons and OLAF - the serious fraud squad of the EU. It was necessary.

Anyway, the Danes are now starting to move, pressed by public opinion.

Britain has to follow.

The full Danish TV report is here, with links. Be sure to read in full, realising that it is a mechanical translation.

Agriculture will halve the worst type of antibiotic

Agriculture is now at war with the antibiotic tetracycline, which more than any other substances responsible for the MRSA problem.

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Tetracycline can be mixed in water and food and is very popular in agriculture. But now the consumption down, says agriculture. 

By Esben Christensen

Farmers use not only more and more antibiotics, they use more especially of the most dangerous antibiotics.

The consumption of pig production increased by five percent from 2012 to 2013, and the very damaging type called tetracycline accounted for one third of total consumption...

...Tetracycline is a so-called broad-spectrum antibiotic, which means that it promotes antibiotic resistance much...

...Expert: A step in the right direction

One of the foremost experts in the MRSA bacteria is professor of clinical microbiology Hans Jørn Kolmos from Odense University. For years he has raised the alarm over the exact tetracycline.

- It is good news. Tetracycline is by far the worst substance. The risk of having bacteria and the spread will be reduced, if successful, he says.

One half of tetracycline, however, far from solving the MRSA problem, even if successful. With the new rate is not set for a general reduction of antibiotic consumption, and tetracycline can be replaced by other types.

- It is not necessarily bad if you use antibiotics, which do not create resistance in humans. But the best would clearly be a general reduction, says Hans Jørn Kolmos...

...The Minister has the declared goal

The reason that the tetracycline is so popular in agriculture is according His Jorn Kolmos that it can be added to water and feed. This is called group medication and is much easier to give the pigs than antibiotics injection.

Food Minister Dan Jørgensen (S) today as one of its focal points that he will fight the group medication...