Friday, 3 October 2014

"every fifth package Danish pork in BRITISH supermarkets is contaminated" ( with MRSA st398)

This admission will hit Danish pork exports to Britain and elsewhere hard, and that's very bad news for Denmark, but that was coming anyway.

The supermarkets in Britain will be going crazy this morning. They won't know where to go to restock their shelves.

Britain's corrupt agricultural ministry Defra, and their appalling state veterinarians, relied on being the last to declare MRSA st398 in pigs and pork (in England, Wales and Scotland) and blaming everyone else when eventually, after many years, they did.

Now they cannot continue with the deception.

They claim they have not tested British pigs or pork recently (why not?), so they are going to have to go out and test, leaving a gap for mayhem, and for the Danes to sue them in the EU court for taking an unfair trading advantage.

If they own up immediately, which is what they will have to do, other questions will be asked,

like "Why did they hide it up for so many years?"

and "Why were British protesters being harassed for year after year?"

and, most terrible of all "How many children have died?"

It is no day to be a Defra veterinarian or one of their drug dealing cronies.

It is a long article, here, with links to supporting material outlining the scale and nature of the problems and the risks to human health, read in full.  This is a mechanical translation from the Danish. The bold text ine the body is ours.


SIGNE THOMSEN Report and on duty

The other Politiken wrote that every fifth package Danish pork in British supermarkets is contaminated with pig MRSA.

But it's not just chops and pork roast, consumers must pay special attention to if they want to avoid bacteria. Chicken meat imported from abroad is in fact even more infested than the Danish pork.

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