Wednesday, 13 August 2014

British Government rebrands Animal Health, yet again!

Ah! As expected, the admission of MRSA in British pigs leads to the inevitable re-branding of the state veterinary service.

One would think the British government would get embarrassed by using this tactic to try to deal with trouble yet again.

It is carefully disguised, of course, as were previous renaming operations, as a reorganisation.

Reports are appearing in farming publications, but no public media release that we can see yet. They do not want too much publicity, obviously.

As before, it is much the same people under a new name, this time with a degree of independence from the parent ministry (Defra) that allows the government to disown future disasters more easily.

The inclusion of plants, is doubtless related to the reckless import of ash disease from Denmark. The trees are now dying all over the British Isles as are the bees. GM is included as a potential problem.

Bad banks were created in Britain  to deal with the crimes of banksters, it seems we need bad agencies to deal with the antics of Maff-Defra civil servants.

It is amazing that they forgot to include deliberately flooding the Somerset levels to gain the approval of their twitcher (that's birdwatcher) pals. That is an on-going scandal.

The twitchers are busy reintroducing long extinct species of wading birds to the area. Cranes, in this case after an absence of several hundred years. Defra must still need the support of the twitchers and the "green blob."

Typical media report here

UK agency to deal with spread of animal diseases

Aug 12, 2014

A combined agency in the UK will start work this autumn to ensure the government is better equipped to prevent the spread of animal and plant diseases...