Monday, 4 August 2014

LA-MRSA Norwegian Caution

The Pig MRSA scene is reaching boiling point across Scandinavia. Norwegians and Swedes are not happy about what has been going on in next door Denmark.

But that's what comes of mounting a cover-up dangerous to human health and arresting journalists trying to expose it.

Your next-door neighbours do not like it.

Norwegian roport here (mechanical translation)

LA-MRSA infection and holiday


07/30/14. Norway is a pioneer when it comes to animal welfare. In these holiday times we remind therefore that the antibiotic resistant bacteria LA-MRSA can also be transmitted between humans. Therefore, remember that 48 hour rule applies regardless of whether you have been in a barn or not, eg if you have been on holiday in Denmark.

Do you want to be sure that you have not brought your infection, you must contact your GP and take a free test. The answer you within one week.