Wednesday, 13 August 2014

MRSA st398 found in pigs in Sweden

This is the Swedish veterinarians today.

Obviously, Britain's hopelessly corrupt veterinary establishment face charges of crimes against humanity.

Do remember the writer, at very considerable personal risk, told Parliament at Westminster, and OLAF, the serious fraud squad of the EU, that the most senior British government veterinarians were covering up the faking of tests on pigs in 2000. He also requested personal protection from both bodies.

It is all on the public record. for anyone, anywhere, to check.

He has been stalked and threatened continuously since. Those involved will have to explain their activities to the police.

The Swedish veterinary magazine here in mechanical translation has the risks of spread to humans clearly stated.

Well done, Sweden!

MRSA found in pigs in Sweden

SVA and the Swedish Animal Health Service has found MRSA bacteria of type ST 398 in one of the 191 samples taken at Swedish slaughterhouses. It is the first time a positive sample found in agriculture, according to TT.

Previously, MRSA bacteria found in Swedish dogs, horses and cats. -

The MRSA now been detected in pigs is not unexpected, but unfortunate, says Helle Unnerstad, veterinarian at SVA to TT. SVA and industry associations should now go out with guidelines for pig farmers on how they can protect themselves and their crew. 

- It is also important to control trade and movement of animals and to have infection control MRSA found in pigs in Sweden barriers to prevent the spread of infection to and between animals, says Helle Unnerstad. 

The type of MRSA detected in pigs can be transferred to humans, and if it becomes common in pigs, it can spread to livestock owners, farmers, stable staff, veterinarians and others who work with animals. Source: DN and TT.