Monday, 25 August 2014

Denmark - Thousands are infected with porcine MRSA without knowing it

Thee current pig MRSA scandal continues to make headlines in Denmark.

Now, we have to find out after years of complaining, from Britain's corrupt veterinary establishment, the true situation in Britain.

We know widespread infection in pigs has been covered-up for many years.

People, not least the sick and the old, will die from the blatant neglect of basic duty by successive British governments in failing to control corrupt veterinary civil servants.

We know that porcine MRSA, also known as MRSA cc398, MRSA st398, pig MRSA and Swine MRSA, has been admitted to be in the British turkey flocks, the milk supply, people, and finally, very recently, a single pig in Northern Ireland.

British hospitals have failed to introduce the tests common to the near Continental countries.

The matter has to be handed immediately to the police, Special Branch, for a full investigation. That is merely the first step to try to save human lives.

The writer will be happy to co-operate with any properly constituted and authorised investigation.

Anyway, here is Politiken Denmark, last night. Be sure to read in full and understand that it is a mechanical translation. The story is appearing widely in the Danish media.

ILLNESS 24. AUG. 2014 KL. 22:30

Thousands are infected with porcine MRSA without knowing it

Up to 12,000 Danes are unaware of their infection withmultidrug-resistant swine bacterium.

MULTI-RESISTANT. Pigs bacterium MRSA will lead more deaths with them, experts believe. 


Report and on duty

Right now between 6,000 and 12,000 Danes unsuspecting round and is infected with the multidrug-resistant swine bacterium MRSA CC398.

It shows the calculations of the two leading MRSA experts who describes it as certain that more Danes will die as a result of the infection...

..."It is naive to imagine otherwise. It's simple math, when so many are infected, "said the head of MRSA Knowledge Center in the Capital Region, Westh.

He and Professor of Clinical Microbiology at the University of Southern Denmark Hans Jørn Kolmos have made calculations of the true level of infection with porcine MRSA in Denmark...