Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Denmark - Ministers will stop school visits MRSA pig herds

Common-sense obviously and a Danish government being driven by events.

Britain's government will be driven to action and honesty by the disgust and fury of the electorate, plus the legal profession closing in quickly.

The full story is here, as always, read the, mechanical translation, in full.

Ministers will stop school visits MRSA pig herds

By Philip Knaack Kirkegaard
Wednesday, August 27, 2014 15:53

Fear of MRSA get the government to examine how they can prohibit schools visit pig farms with MRSA infection.

Folk School classes should not take a visit to pig farmers.

It has Health Minister Nick H√¶kkerup (S) and decided today. 

The ban is not yet in force...

...MRSA CC398, which is found in pigs to humans. Infections cannot be treated with common antibiotics and must be treated with special antibiotics.

For the elderly and infirm, the bacteria - like other types of staphylococci - be serious.