Thursday, 14 August 2014

Denmark- MRSA st398 - Children's Visits to Pig Farms

We see a common thread emerging between legal circles in the USA, left wing politicians in Denmark and growing concern in Britain.

In America the banning of petting zoos is being promoted after more problems with children picking up zoonotic disease, and in Denmark controls on children's visits to pig farms are being canvassed.

We have, of course, had numerous incidents with petting zoos in the UK, some very serious, covered by the usual cloud of secrecy.

Something else is going on too that makes the same point.

There have been financial settlements with gagging clauses between pig farm employers in Denmark and employees contracting  MRSA st398. These will  grow in a rapidly deteriorating situation, wherever MRSA is found in pigs. Claims will increase, as will the publicity, the concerns of insurers and the involvement of trade unions and lawyers.

It is all a depressingly one way road. Protecting the children should be everyone's first priority.

Anyway, a terrible machine translation of Mr Hansen introducing the intriguingly named 'Edith Thing squad.'
You can read in full here.

MRSA epidemic hits hard among children and adolescents

Published August 12, 2014 | By Kjeld Hansen

Comment by journalist and farmer Kjeld Hansen. 

Left politician Edith Thing squad, which also calls itself the parish priest, writing in Rough Put in Announcements August 8 on the antibiotic-resistant staphylococcus MRSACC398, spreading at epidemic rates from swine industry plants in recent years.

Thing Squad believes that "the world is wicked and dangerous", so you have to just stand by and hope for the best when your children are sent to school visits to the pig industry...

... Why should parents not demand the right to determine whether their children to participate in risky school visits to pig MRSA-infected companies?