Friday, 8 August 2014

Denmark - MRSA hit: Adviser has misinformed

Things are getting pretty bloody in Denmark about MRSA in pigs.

The insurance companies and lawyers in Britain and elsewhere will be paying close attention.

After 14 years of blatant British government veterinary crime, including intimidation and cover-ups, the bills now have to be paid and those responsible have to be removed from the scene and urgently.

But, never forget, it is the victims that really matter.

The full report from Denmark is here.

MRSA hit: Adviser has misinformed

3F'er Kenneth Sorensen feel misinformed and misled by national advises against MRSA, while his employer thinks that she owes an explanation.

The consultant does not believe she has misinformed.

- I am somehow embarrassed myself. I look down at the ground and pull
the shoulders up over your ears. I do not own. It makes doctors and
nurses did not know when they know that we have MRSA, says 33-year-old
Kenneth Sorensen.

 ByMorten Halskov

It shows Kenneth MRSA samples

Kenneth Sorensen has been tested for MRSA four times - and all four times he had MRSA. 

The tests show that his MRSA strain was resistant to seven different kinds of antibiotics 16:02. 2012 : (nose)Resistant to: penicillin, ampicillin, meticilin, dicloxacillin

12.03. 2013 : (nose) Resistant to: penicillin, ampicillin, methicillin, dicloxacillin, oxacillin2

5.03. 2014 : (throat) Resistant to: penicillin, methicillin, dicloxacillin, erythromycin, roxitromycin

14.07. 2014 : (ulcers) Resistant to: penicillin, methicillin, Dicloxacillin

The 33-year-old manager Kenneth Sorensen believes that the hospital system has given him true knowledge about the resistant bacteria pig MRSA that has plagued his life over the past two and a half years.

3F'eren dishes specifically his criticism of Tinna Urth by July 1, 2014 was employed by SSI. 

She will head a new national advisory service on pig MRSA. 

As infection control nurse in North Jutland has Tinna Urth been deeply involved in Kenneth Sorensen MRSA course. 

Thus was she in 2012 on a visit to Kenneth Sørensen's work, after all staff and farmers in the North Jutland pig farm had tested positive for MRSA. During the meeting at the farm, she said - according to Kenneth Sørensen - that MRSA was innocent and that the bacterium was good to disappear again. And that you could take it easy if you had a good hygiene, changed clothes and washed their hands. - My family and I have had major problems with MRSA in the last two and a half years. Tinna Urth has misinformed about MRSA, says Kenneth Sorensen, who also feel duped on the grounds that Tinna Urth did not give him any information about his test. since the spring of 2012, he tested positive for MRSA in four out of four samples. Kenneth Sorensen said his test for MRSA shows that he at least is resistant to seven kindsof antibiotics. Read about Kenneth Sorensen's life as infected with

Professor: Kenneth MRSA bacteria are drug-resistant 3F and Kenneth Sorensen presented 3F'erens test results for a professor at the Department of Clinical Microbiology at the University Hospital of Odense, Hans Jørn Kolmos who is an expert in MRSA. Hans Jørn Kolmos believe that Kenneth Sorensen's resistance pattern is of pig MRSA.  - It is fair to say that Kenneth MRSA bacteria are drug-resistant, although it is no clearly defined concept. Only to call his bacteria to methicillin is a mistake, says Hans Jørn Kolmos.

He adds that the bacteria most likely also resistant to several other antibiotics. All Danish isolates of MRSA CC398 is for example resistance to tetracycline, he said.  - Several classes of antibiotics do not work on Kenneth MRSA bacteria. There are a limited number of other types of antibiotics that can be used. But there may be various problems associated with them such as side effects and that they are more expensive, says the professor. 

Counselor: Do not I have misinformed National advisor on MRSA Tinna Urth informs 3F, she remembers sitting on the farm, but she can not remember exactly what was said. She
refuses, however, now that she has said that MRSA is harmless. - I'm really sorry that he feels misinformed. It is not the intention. I teach from the Health Protection Agency guidelines on MRSA , as always handed out at such meetings, says Tina Urth. Tinna Urth confirms that she has not stated Kenneth Sorensen about the different antibiotic classes his MRSA staphylococci are resistant to. She explains that it is usually not disclosed. - It makes no sense to say how many antibiotics, MRSA bacteria are resistant to the less, it has practical
significance in relation to the treatment to be used for the infection.Concomitant she says that he has gotten a little personal card, which shows that his MRSA staph is methicillin-resistant.

Farmer: She has some explaining to do
Kenneth Sorensen's North Jutland employer says that after the meeting on his farm in 2012 was completely reassured by Tinna Urths explanations about MRSA. The farmer was therefore somewhat shocked that Kenneth Sorensen is resistant to seven kinds of antibiotics. - If Jack is resistant to seven classes, she has a huge problem. I would like to give Kenneth right that Tinna Urth has something she must explain, says the farmer, who wishes to remain anonymous. till it says

Tina Urth: - There's a whole lot of technical knowledge that we do not provide information about at such meeting where there is limited time.
It concentrates on the most important, says Tinna Urth. - I did not even think that I have painted a rosy picture of MRSA, and is sorry if it is considered that says Tinna Urth.